I like highwaymen, I like girls. I like petrol bombs, I like calm. I like the lives of secret agents, I like walking through wet fields.

At excactly what point did I become old?
I read the text several times, but its meaning became no clearer to me.
I was a bully. Then I encountered a bully. Please tell me, I was never a bully like that.

I remember an English girl with a French name. We were the circle that no one could break, or so I thought.

Can there be beauty without sadness?
At first I could not look you in the eyes. You were too bright for me.
I will send you flowers, pearls, letters written in ink.
I want to be real. I want to be true. I want to achieve happiness and insight with you.

Of all the place I am at the center of a world event. The unstoppable force meets the immovable object.

The War has started. It is green. Abstract. Unclear.
America strikes back. The Northern Alliance. It all sounds like a sci-fi film to me.
Not to be found is to be lost. Escaping is not about being free.
The story of my life? I was curious. Then it hurt me. And then I got over it.
I understand now. You are my mirror and I shall reflect you.
We all get old. Waves don't.
Everything doesn't have to be perfect. To idealize is also a form of suffering.
Fate doesn't make mistakes. The truth has always existed somewhere between optimism and denial.
I will listen to you and do what you ask but I won't be able to change completely.
None of this matters.