I grew up in a small village in southern England. I spent a lot of time 
  climbing trees, digging holes & playing in a cellar. At some point I had 
  an imaginary friend called 'Ash'. At thirteen I was sent to boarding school. 
  At eighteen I knew I wanted to go to art school. Four years later I earned 
  my bachelor of fine arts degree from Kingston University in London. Upon 
  graduating I was offered an opportunity to travel & teach in Chile with 
  the British Council. The decision turned out to be life changing.
  I have always seen photography as a means of revealing an interior dimension 

  to the exterior world. I try to set up questions in my pictures that are both 
  allegorical & introspective. I see now clearly the relationship between 
  memory & light in what I do. Other embedded themes include the nature of desire 
  & the phenomenon of disappearance over time. There can also be a certain 'darkness' 
  to be found in my images but it is a quality I am comfortable with & find beautiful. 
  This is because for me, meaning & feelings take shape & emerge not only from what 
  is present, but also from what is absent in life.
  Today I live in New York. I have a four year old son. I like any activity 
  connected with water. I try to live simply. I believe in empathy & the healing 
  power of love. I still shoot film for my personal work.